Advantages of Using Scissor Lifts in Construction Works


Scissor lifts serve as aerial platforms that are used to elevate workers, equipment and material to high altitudes, mostly during construction. They often have crisscrossing patterns that resemble the shape of a scissor, hence the name. They are often powered by hydraulic or electricity.  Now that we understand what a scissor lift is, let us now look at the advantages of using scissor lifts in construction work and possible factors to consider when hiring scissor lifts.

Five merits of scissor lifts in construction works

Increased safety

Unlike traditional wood lifts that have been used extensively around the globe, scissor lifts provide extra security to both workers on top and at the bottom. They are equipped with guardrails on the sideways to prevent falls and fatal accidents. The lift is made of durable materials that can withstand enormous weight.

Enhanced accessibility

With scissor lifts, workers and equipment can comfortably reach high heights safely and with much ease. It makes it easier for workers to conduct their duties efficiently and effectively.


Scissor lifts have a wide range of uses, not only in construction works. Electricians also find it useful to elevate to high altitudes and install their equipment. It becomes handy when manoeuvring through tight spaces and uneven terrain.

Increased productivity

Since they provide stable working platforms, workers and materials can quickly move up and down the construction building and save time. Thus, the amount of work accomplished in a day would greatly increase. Not forgetting that the quality of work will also be great since workers can comfortably reach whatever place they want to.


When looking at the cost-effective nature of scissor lifts, do not focus on their initial costs but rather on their long-term use. You understand that scissor lifts are quite expensive than traditional lifts. However, scissor lifts beat the traditional lifts when it comes to durability and lifespan. You may need to constantly replace the traditional lifts, but with scissor lifts, you can utilise them for a long period.

Three things to consider when hiring scissor lifts

Let us briefly dive into factors that you need to consider when hiring scissor lifts in Brisbane:


You should consider the weight capacity of the scissor lift and the capacity you require at your work. Once you have this knowledge, you should now select a scissor lift that has sufficient capacity or slightly more to accommodate your work needs.

Safety features:

The guardrail is one example of a safety feature in a scissor lift. Others include auto descent systems and emergency stop buttons. These features will help to keep your workers and equipment safe at all times. In addition, it is a requirement by the authority to meet specific safety standards before you are allowed to carry on with the work.

Maintenance and servicing:

You should also ask about the maintenance and servicing requirements of the lifts before hiring. Go for the supplier that offers regular maintenance to keep the lift in optimal condition to guarantee effective and efficient use.


Some of the benefits that you will reap from using scissor lifts include increased safety, enhanced accessibility, versatility, increased productivity and cost-effectiveness. You need to consider factors such as capacity, safety features, and maintenance and servicing. All this information can help you when you are looking for scissor lifts.

Talk to scissor lifts specialist in Brisbane if you need to rent one for a construction project that you are working on.

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